Lazarus – The Musical

LAZARUS the musical started its run on December 7 2015 in New York. That night was David Bowie’s last public appearance.

opening night Lazarus
Lazarus opening night, New York 7 December 2015

Michael C. Hall played the lead role of Thomas Newton – originally portrayed by David Bowie in the 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth. The context for the song as performed by Hall in the musical was that of a long-lived alien for whom life has become a burden and whose mind and perceptions skitter forwards and backwards across time. Living in a luxurious flat high above the city in Manhattan, existing on a diet of gin and Twinkies, Newton longs for release.

In December 2015 a short video was released exploring the creation of the Lazarus Musical and looking forwards to the release of ★.

Lazarus Official (David Bowie Musical)- Story So Far (Dec 2016) from EMG Media & Marketing on Vimeo.

The original New York cast recording:

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