David Bowie’s London

Brixton mural of David Bowie

As the David Bowie Book Club reads Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor, we take a closer look at David Bowie’s London. Hawksmoor is set in 18th and 20th century London; Bowie’s birthplace and the town that was fundamental in forming his style and ambitions.

Musician and actor Gary Kemp, a lifelong fan, and Nicholas Pegg, author of Bowie bible The Complete David Bowie, reflect on life without the Starman as they take a tour of some of Bowie’s London haunts.


Use this map from the NME to view London locations associated with David Bowie.

In March 2016, Iman posted a photograph of David Bowie and the 17th Century ‘Great Model’ in St Paul’s Cathedral, London. Read more about this at www.davidbowie.com

Photograph by Iman

Books about London by Peter Ackroyd (author of Hawksmoor)

Listen to David Bowie’s ‘The London Boys’ – a cautionary tale of 1960s London life.


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